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Hot Pakistani Actress Pictures

Hot Pakistani Actress Pictures Biography
The girl prodigy Pakistani film industry has received a convent school in Multan studied in primary school. After Lahore for higher education in their family. As every Muslim family, learning Holy Quran was soon part of the training of a child. And, I also learned the Qur'an at an early stage. In addition to formal education, early childhood he never was a stranger to the world of non-curricular activities. At his school, he performed with particular interest in the art of many non-academic activities attended. Reema was in athletics in school days. However, no curriculum can complete its life in the early years of his fame.

For a while 'weakened, by the fear of God, compassion, and care, and poor, loving, helpful, kind, energetic and confident throughout his career is difficult. The success and popularity and international fame and fan club with super stars best after reaching an unprecedented level has not changed.
His bloodline is highly respected and very popular branch of Alogwat is again: Qazilbash community. His father, a retired advertising executive, and now practices law. With rural background and his mother is a simple housewife. And three sisters and a brother who teaches young people in Malaysia. They married two sisters, the youngest is busy. Three of his sister to learn together celebrities most prestigious in the world, including Oxford University in England and a BA from local and foreign universities and holds laude.
The work, sincerity of purpose and commitment is a shining example. All obstacles to achieve his dreams is a violation of the upper country of which he realized his dream of becoming an artist. Blessed with the ability to meet the challenges of powerful as had been accepted in this world. Reema loves challenges the best that is undeniable proof that a girl in the film despite being Qizulbash. The fact that only in his family who entered the tinsel town is prohibited. It 'unimaginable for a normal family Pathan (tribal left the prestigious Qizulbash a girl) dreams of starring in a movie was (and still is). But, undeterred Reema was not a pill easier to swallow. He did not want his dreams slip through his fingers come hell or high water and is linked to their desire.
In 1990 a young age entered the field as a film actress, played with elegance. The Wonder Girl Pakistani film industry began with a big bang. His first film, "BULANDI" literally brought to new heights with a super-star with a promising new competitor change overnight. They cover their millions of fans around the country, which has become a heartthrob. "BULANDI by all means because this film has been a trend setter in Punjabi language film was the performance and practice. Audience for this movie is a blessing in disguise because it has a fresh air breathing. Showed a large box remove-office, which is widely appreciated for smooth track was elected to his first film was the first festival.
His debut film industry in Pakistan for the reference point, such as a pair of Reema and Shaan Pakistan the youngest duo ever to play an important role in the history of cinema has been. His birth is bilingual. Languages ??Urdu, Punjabi and English have the same order.
In the field of the performing arts will always increase. Its dedicated his life to his passion and the visual arts and the entertainment industry as the work excelled in all branches, stem balls, modeling, television, writing. The end of fiscal management and attention has been produced.
, His first blow of his other film credits his great achievements, which are many: - "Hathi Mere Sathi son, Bigra G. Munda, Miss Istanbul, we Chalay Tou Susral, chahat, insaniyat, hawaain, thief Macha SH Oh, queen , daughter of Raj Karay GI, Nicky G. Haan, Dar on Tuesday on Gia Gia, Nikkah where Tujh Sa ".
Most of his films are a great success. Pakistan is the only artist in the show biz, it's performing arts in all departments accolades and awards by winning as a role model emerged. The first products ever more popular and more expensive than the brand ambassador multinational popular model. Big screen films on contemporary women go after reaching land marks. Cinegoers. Forcing the right audiences and praised his respect for diversity, and skill, dedication and perseverance nice, wise performance
His love of life, and Pakistan is proud of. Participated only shining star in the different countries of the world in many festivals, where he was a representative of his country. In 1991, he joined the Moscow Festival where his film "BULANDI" Obviously.
In 1999, was selected by the Sri Lankan government to "marry" in the country's film of representation and Pakistan. Festival China 2000.She E year pointing Oslo, capital of Norway attended the International Film Festival, and the film "Sa Tujh" was officially selected for screening. Of concern is that any support from the government in spite of, but through the financial offer was able to represent Pakistan. In addition, she recently celebrated her film "Where there TUJH SA" and was invited to Bangkok and Zimbabwe. Pakistani filmdom now this girl is amazing that a large international standards and quality in Paris and Oscar Kane, the film festival is expected to win busy.
In May 2004, the first American award, Atlantic City, where he won last pen a ceremony held at the option of allowing celebrity actress Pakistan "goodwill ambassador." Guest sacred head of this international event, Sharon Stone and Jean Claude Van Damme wood that's super star was included. There were many stars of India were also present. Award deafening thunderous standing ovation during praise and UN Ambassador of India was introduced by.
Rima is an award of this beloved country to improve the image of Pakistani Wedding. On stage the star - Dress film awards ceremony in London in March 2005, where he Rima Shah Rukh Khan and Preity Zinta joint performance with since the end of the series, Rima friendship between Pakistan and India stressed the need addressed. Pakistan and India flags and held for the first time together. Production, and well written leave the clothes on display in mind, a group of big wigs have a positive impression. Behavior and their loyalty reflects the love and grace.
It multinational corporations artist takes the honor and dignity will always choose standard in the world. A certain level of personal staff and you are set to become the brand ambassador of a popular artist to ensure review. Reema, the hearts and lives of millions around the world, and international election laws Lux is a model for seven consecutive years, from 1992-1999 unanimously. Procter & Gamble Head & Shoulders shampoo products brand ambassador for 2001 to 2000 and was a large community of multinational corporations. Our "golden girl" "Central, Barbie doll Reema, the first female brand ambassador Pepsi Cola, any other place in the world known multinational companies have collected from women of 2006 consecutive year since 2003.
Lux signatory to an agreement then for two years for the years 2007 and 2008 for modeling have access to. The proud Series maid. According to another model these privileges and honors were not in Pakistan. Glamor and glory of any other female artist in popular trail Pakistan Reema integral Hits talk about the achievements of Lalla feat.
Actress Reema is born. This is much less than the big and small screen first appearance in public popularity of this magnitude entails is obtained. The argument that moment his personality that makes him irresistible touch - 'Darling' audience. She still only in its first appearance in the television series, the World Health Organization (WHO), is an actress, won the "gay eye for the AD" unprecedented praise and popularity thanks to the efficient and realistic approach obtained.

Hot Pakistani Actress Pictures
Hot Pakistani Actress Pictures
Hot Pakistani Actress Pictures
Hot Pakistani Actress Pictures
Hot Pakistani Actress Pictures
Hot Pakistani Actress Pictures
Hot Pakistani Actress Pictures

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